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Last week I rushed in to the market before work; I was on a mission to get goat cheese for my daughter to take to the beach (she and her friend Marika claim that Spinning Spider’s Rosemary-Fig Chevre is their very favorite, but they will eat others when pressed). I sped over to Anne Gaines Grier (Gaining Ground Farm) and got two pints of strawberries. One went to the beach, one I enjoyed tremendously. We have been eating strawberries for weeks now and that is just heaven. And no, I haven’t made anything like a pie. They haven’t lasted long enough.

And guess what? One or two blueberries in my yard are turning blueish…so blueberries will be coming in soon too. I almost forgot to mention the Currant Croissant I got from Farm and Sparrow Bakery. David made these last year, but I only saw them every now and then. Very, very, yummy and flaky. That was breakfast, and off to work I went.

The previous week, I actually was able to go to the West Asheville Market, the Wednesday Coop Market and the North Asheville Market all in one week. I hadn’t planned to go to The West Asheville Market, but it had been super hot all day long. I started daydreaming about those wonderful Popsicle. By the time I got there after work, she was out. Wah! That left me with a perfect excuse to get a bag of Roots & Branches Rosemary Crackers.

I had a big Tailgate Market list on that Saturday. My friend Nell is recuperating from a hip injury, so we got her a beautiful bouquet from Tuckers Gardens and some of Joanne Moore’s homemade shortbread. We got 2 pints of gorgeous strawberries from Vanessa (Full Sun Farm) and pound cake from Cathy Osada to go along with the strawberries. For our friend Judy’s birthday, we found some earrings that were made from glowing periwinkle-blue sea glass. The jeweler, Victoria Baker makes them with beach glass she collects in her travels.

Bouquet by Tucker's Gardens

Of course, goat cheese chevre was on the list. This is something our whole family adores. Amelia just posted a picture of baby Asher licking every last bit of chevre from a goat cheese container. How cool is that? Asher’s not even two years old yet!

Make a day of it tomorrow. The markets are hopping. The food is fresh and packed with vitality. The farmers and producers care. We live in an amazing spot with multiple great tailgate markets. Revel in our local abundance. Visit one.



Click here for the market list:


CHECK OUT Riceville Tailgate Market’s new location: Grace United Methodist Church parking lot, 954 Tunnel Road, Fridays, 4-7 pm.


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