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sandwich after tailgate 1Fresh + ingredients you won’t find in grocery stores. That is the beauty of our tailgate markets. My sandwich ingredients from today’s tailgate market:  ripe purple tomatoes, crispy white cucumbers, and pan-roasted Italian sweet pepper on a bed of sweet basil, and from the grocery store – organic cream cheese, balsamic vinegar, and local artisan bread.

Yes, you can buy basil and purple tomatoes from the grocery store, but are they this fresh and from people who farm in our neighboring counties? People with kids that they are raising. People with land payments. People we know. Will my meager purchases help send their kids to college? Well, no, not exactly. But each little purchase adds up.

I pray that when they count up their money at the end of each market, it is enough to sustain them and their families. Cause these are some hard working folks. Heros. Their food tastes like it came from my home garden. Just look at the color of that tomato. I mean really look. Soak it in. This food brings me to my knees.

I have missed this food during my recent period of busy-ness. I have missed the people too. Manysandwich after tailgate grilled have been so kind to ask about my recently married daughter. Some conversations have made our eyes well up with emotion. Together, all of us have watched these tailgate market children grow and blossom. Suddenly the baby is a seventh grader is a college student is adventuring in Europe is being married or becoming a parent. Again I am on my knees with wonder, and so grateful that I am sailing along on this lovely planet amid this miraculous journey.

Back to sandwiches. This is important – sandwiches taste so much better when they are made on good bread. It is worth the splurge to get good local bread if you are a sandwich-eater. Pan-roast the peppers. Pile the ingredients to the edge of the bread and grill in a skillet with your choice of fat (I used olive oil).

pistachio shortbread sweetheart bakeryPistachio shortbread cookie for desert from Sweetheart bakery.

Purple tomato from Green Toe Ground Farm. White cucumber from Full Sun Farm. Peppers from Gaining Ground Farm. Basil from Mountain Harvest Organics. Bread from Annie’s Naturally Bakery.


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A Few Goodies for A Cold Weather Supper

A Few Goodies for A Cold Weather Supper

The YMCA WINTER MARKET has moved. It is now located at the Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church at 789 Merrimon Avenue from 10 to 12:30 every Saturday morning until April. That is the church with the giant community garden in the front yard facing Merrimon Avenue – most of the harvest goes toward feeding the hungry.

With only a few minutes to shop, I stocked up on grits and eggs from East Fork Farm, two kinds of potatoes from Meadow Cove Farm plus some beautifully dried shiitake mushrooms, AND a beautiful apple turnover decorated with a heart (smile) from Aimee Mostwill of Sweetheart Bakery plus a yummy coconut shortbread cookie.

On this blustery day, doesn’t a cozy soup (based on potatoes and shiitakes) with an warm apple turnover for dessert sound marvelous and comforting?

NOTE: All the greens were gone quickly…I missed them by a long shot. Meanwhile over at CITY MARKET, Missy of Jake’s Farm said she sold out of her veggies within ten minutes. Wow. Asheville City Market’s winter location is indoors at the Public Works Building on Charlotte and Eagle Streets from 10 to noon.

Hint, hint…Don’t lollygag like I did. Get to these Saturday markets at 10 o’clock if you are serious about winter greens!


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Beautiful weather, the buzz of customers, and lots of LOCAL food – that was today at the North Asheville Tailgate Market. I was enticed to the market by Carl and Julie’s (Mountain Harvest Organics) roasted Italian peppers. Every fall Carl and Julie fill the market with the delectable aroma of roasting  peppers. Peppers are ready hot out of the roaster…but be sure to buy some extras to freeze and use when winter is threatening never to end. The next time they will roast peppers is  on Saturday, October 11 at the North Asheville Tailgate Market. Don’t miss out.

Roasted Italian Peppers from Mountain Harvest Organics - a Real Treat!

Roasted Italian Peppers from Mountain Harvest Organics – a Real Treat!

I got a number of staples and treats this week – some to share at a party next weekend in Chapel Hill ~ salad mix from Full Sun Farm, pears from Bill Whipple, potatoes from Flying Cloud Farm, St. Paulin cheese with it’s lovely crust from Three Graces Dairy, pound cake from Cathy Osada, pistachio shortbread from Sweetheart Bakery (not picture as I already ate it!), roasted red Italian peppers from Mountain Harvest Organics, grits from East Fork Farm (They have a mill on their farm!), crackers from Roots & Branches, butternut squash and onion from Mountain Harvest Organics, wild sockeye salmon and smoked salmon form the Wild Salmon Company, and two milder Habanero peppers from Thatchmore Farm (I hope to trick my friend at work into thinking I am eating a fiery pepper without blinking).

Fall Bounty of Sincerely Local Food - each associated with a particular farmer.

Fall Bounty of Sincerely Local Food – each associated with a particular farmer when eaten.

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On my most recent visit to the Montford Farmers Market, Aimee Mostwill gave me a pumpkin

very Yummy Doughnut + Hot Coffee

doughnut. They aren’t deep-fried, they’re baked – but I am pretty sure butter is a prominent ingredient.

Of course they were delicious. Everything I have ever gotten from Aimee (Sweetheart Bakery) is SO doggone good.

I tried not to eat it all – so I could save a bite or two to share. I failed. A nice hot cup of coffee in the morning plus a pumpkin doughnut…one bite led to another and soon…the doughnut had vanished! Thank you Aimee.

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You still have time to make it to today’s Tailgate Markets! Drop everything and swing by the Markets before they close for the day. Some close at 12 o’clock, and some close at 1:00. Temps are cool and comfortable.

Gaining Ground Veggies

Just about anything you could want is available this time of year. Along with a bounty of truly gorgeous vegetables, farmers with meat and seafood coolers were doing a brisk business this morning too. Colorful flower bouquets were nestled into market bags. Don’t forget about the breads, crackers, cheeses, jams, and salsas. How ’bout the soaps and crafts? I even found some pink-eyed peas at the Gaining Ground Farm booth. Full Sun had their fairytale eggplant, and everyone had various colors and shapes of eggplant. Luther had a bin of sweet corn. What captures that summer taste better than sweet corn! Watermelon maybe.

Tailgate-Goers Eating Goodies While Shopping

I have lots to harvest from my own garden right now…but I still managed to buy: Scallops, eggplant, pink-eyed peas, gala apples, cabbage, onions, and some baked treats from Sweetheart Bakery.

Aimee (Sweetheart Bakery) put in a good word for the great food of Asheville. On her recent trip to a large metropolitan area, she was hard pressed to find a good bakery and memorable restaurants. According to Aimee, the hype about Asheville being a foodie town is absolutely true. Were pretty lucky, huh?

Mountain Harvest likes it HOT

Flowers From Ivy Creek

Loading Up at Flying Cloud

Wake Robin Farm Bread

Adorable Toddler Rocking Out to Butter Holler String Band

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Its Saturday morning, so put “Tailgate Market” on your morning agenda. Quick…before the morning is whisked away and your opportunity to get genuinely local and delicious food has evaporated.

Last week I got some just-dug new potatoes from Green Toe Ground Farm. How could I tell how fresh they were? The skins were very tender, with patches of potato flesh shining through. There were blue-skinned/yellow-flesh potatoes,

New Potatoes from Green Toe Ground Farm

and red-skinned/white-flesh potatoes. They were eaten by suppertime – tossed with olive oil, fresh basil, and a tad of salt. Simple, easy, and extraordinary. Why? They came straight from the darkness of the earth into my pot and on to my dinner plate.

But look at all the goodies from last week’s market. This week’s bounty will be even better!

Beautiful Pickling Cucumbers from Ivy Creek Family Farm – Made into a Cooling Summer “Salad” as a topping for Wild Alaskan Salmon

More Tailgate Market Goodies…Green Beans, Tender Lettuces, and Savory Onions

Dancing Woods Soap, with Simple, Clean Ingredients…my Favorite! Plus Squash from Gaining Ground

Blueberry Hand-Pie from Sweetheart Bakery (I shared)

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This Saturday (February 4) is the grand opening of a NEW, yes new WINTER TAILGATE MARKET at the Neighborhood Y in Woodfin (located indoors in the YMCA’s Multipurpose Room) from 10 to Noon.

That’s right. The market is only open for two short hours late on a Saturday morning. But isn’t that about perfect? You can sleep in, and then snuggle into your sofa sipping hot coffee and pondering the mysteries of the universe…or maybe watch a few cartoons. And then finish out this leisurely morning at the Winter Tailgate Market indoors ~ enjoying another cup of coffee and munching on some sort of wonderful pastry. Wander the other booths and fill your bag with all the tailgate goodies you have been longing for since Christmas. Goat cheese…fresh eggs…crusty bread…local meat…homemade pasta, and more. Sounds fabulous, right? Ends at noon!

Here is a stab at the vendor list:

Farm & Sparrow Bakery (great bread and baked goods), Hickory Nut Gap Farm (meats), Spinning Spider Creamery (goat cheeses), East Fork Farm (meat and eggs), Sweetheart Bakery (sweet and savory baked goods), Lady Luck Farm, Pasta Mama (fresh pasta), Asheville Coffee Roasters, and more!

A portion of the vendors’ profits will benefit a good cause ~ the Y’s Healthier Communities Campaign. The YMCA is located at 40 Merrimon Avenue.

The market will run through the end of March.


Do you live near Barnardsville in North Buncombe County? Visit Dillingham Winter Market on Saturday too…from 9-1.

They will have honey, fresh coffee and coffee beans, romaine and spicy salad mix, crafts, knitted scarves and hats, fresh eggs, beef, chicken, lamb, and more.

Farm & Sparrow Loaf

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