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Tuberose from Flying Cloud Farm

Tuberose from Flying Cloud Farm

This simple flower, the tuberose, is sending me to my knees every time I walk down my hall. She is getting more fragrant by the hour; slowly intoxicating the house. I wonder if she is pumping out her breathtaking scent in hopes of finding a pollinating bee.

Anticipating my sister and niece spending Saturday night with me (along their route to Charlottesville), the North Asheville Tailgate Market was packed when I arrived to shop around 8:30. I gathered goodies at the market for the happy occasion – Pecan Sandies from Jean (we ate ALL of them in one sitting); Rosemary Fig Chevre from Spinning Spider Creamery; Roots and Branches crackers; beautiful lettuce mix from Full Sun Farm; Asiago Ciabatta from Wake Robin Farm Breads, and blueberries from a farmer I don’t know. All of it contributed to our LOCAL hors d’oeuvres, dinner, and breakfast. And the tuberose from Flying Cloud Farm got right to work putting out her sweetness. Thank you farmers!

From North Asheville Tailgate Market this Saturday

From North Asheville Tailgate Market this Saturday

P.S. My niece contributed a delicious bottle of wine from Argentina – San Gimignano Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.- very lovely!


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Tailgate Market This saturday - Even Though I Arrived Late

Tailgate Market This Saturday – Even Though I Arrived Late

Fall excelled this Saturday with a perfect market day. Because I was late I missed out on some goodies, but look at this luscious bag-full I gathered before the farmers started packing up.

Spinning Spider Garlic Dill Chevre, and a buttery harder cheese from Three Graces Dairy called Castenets

-My favorite Roots & Branches crackers – Olive Oil and Rosemary – to go with the cheese

McConnell Farms Granny Smith Apples for a rustic galette inspired by Mark Bittman

Cathy Osada’s Pound Cake for a tea party to celebrate my friends’ new home and promote good mojo for the upcoming paper signing

-Ultra-fresh green chard gifted by Vanessa of Full Sun Farm to experiment with in lieu of spinach (gardener alert – she says it is VERY cold hardy)

-One dozen eggs from East Fork Farm (not pictured)

-And…the most essential of ingredients – onions from Gaining Ground Farm, one was irresistible  because of its soft red color

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A few markets offer special one-day-only Holiday Markets that

My Daughter’s Favorite Flavor of Spinning Spider Chevre

take place this Saturday and on upcoming Saturdays. (See Schedule Below) Some Tailgate Markets are still ongoing as usual. Many Tuesday/Wednesday markets have their last official market day the Tuesday/Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Some markets feature a number of ongoing Holiday Market days. You can go directly to the Markets tab to check out what’s going on with your favorite neighborhood market…or see below for a concise list.

Don’t have time to make it yourself? Buy something wonderful that is made with love…at the Tailgate Markets. Think ahead.  Support a local Tailgate Market vendor instead of a grocery store for truly homemade foods. Plus your loyal farmers/vendors have to buy Christmas presents for their families too, right? Order something delicious and homemade for Thanksgiving dinner – savory or sweet – apple and pumpkin pies, and incredible breads and crackers, come right to mind. Gather up some traditional root vegetables. One of my favorite Thanksgiving treats ever was Red Russian kale sprinkled with artisanal balsamic vinegar…very yum! Oh, and remember the eggs for making savory corn pudding.


Includes One-Day-Only Holiday Markets, Ongoing Holiday Markets, and upcoming Last Market Days. See Markets tab for additional location info.

Farm & Sparrow Bread


These are special one-time-only Holiday Market events, offering additional food vendors and featuring more crafts and gift-y items, along with wonderful holiday foods.

Black Mountain Tailgate Market

Pre-Thanksgiving Holiday Market, Saturday, Nov. 17, 10-1, same location

Mills River Tailgate Market

Holiday Market, Saturday, Nov. 17, 8-12, same location

Spruce Pine Farmers Market, indoors at Mountainside Wine at 271 Oak Ave.

Saturday, Dec. 1, 11-4,

Flat Rock Tailgate Market

Holiday Market, Saturday, Dec. 8, 2-5, same location

LAST MARKET DAY ALERT! just before Thanksgiving. Order those homemade pies and goodies, and get delicious savories for Thanksgiving Day. Don’t forget about meats, cheeses, root vegetables, crackers, and glorious artisan bread.

Leicester Tailgate Market, 338 Leicester Hwy., indoors

Saturday, Nov. 17, 10-3

West Asheville Tailgate Market

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2:30-5:30, same location

French Broad Food Coop Wednesday Market

Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2-6, same locations…possibly a few vendors will continue

Montford Farmers Market

Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2-5:30, same location


These markets include extra vendors for the holidays, including more craftspeople and gift-y items, wonderful foods, vegetables, meats, cheeses, baked goods, honey and molasses, chocolate, and more.

Asheville City Market

CLOSED Saturday, Nov. 17 for Christmas Parade

OPEN Saturday, Dec. 1, 8, & 15, 8-1, same location

Beautiful Gaining Ground Farm Veggies

Ashe County Farmers Market

Saturday, Nov. 17, 24 & Dec. 1, plus Friday, Nov. 23, 10-2, same location

Bakersville Farmers Market

Open second Saturdays from Dec. to May from 10-2 at Historic Courthouse

Grow Down Home Farmers Market, indoors in Black Mountain,

Dec. 1, 8, 15, & 22, 10-1

Holiday Bazaar at North Asheville Tailgate Market

Dec 1, 8, 15, & 22, 11-3, UNCA from Noon to 4

Jackson County Farmers Market

Saturday, now thru April 6, 10-1, indoors at the Community Table

Madison County Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market

Saturdays, Nov. 17 & 24, and Dec. 1, 8, 15, 22, 9-1, indoors at Fiddlestix

Marion Tailgate Market

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 27 and Dec. 4, 11, & 18 from 3-6, and Friday, Dec. 21, 9-12

North Asheville Tailgate Market hosting the Holiday Bazaar

Saturday, November 17 & 24, and Dec. 1, 8, 15, & 22 from Noon to 4

Transylvania County Tailgate Market

Ron Gagliano’s Sauce

Saturday, Nov. 17 & 24, Dec. 1, 8, 15, & 22

Weaverville Tailgate Holiday Market,

Indoors at Lake Louise Community Center

Wednesday, Nov. 21 & 28, and Dec. 5, 12, & 19, 2:30-6:30,

Yancey County Farmers Market

Saturday, Nov. 17 & 24, Dec. 1, 8, & 15, 8:30-12:30

Was your market left out? Leave a comment and I will update!

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Tom and Karen had TOMATOES today! I rarely buy tomatoes out of season, so the first time I see them at the market I get pretty excited. I started at the opposite end of the market this morning. By the time I

Wake Robin Ciabatta, Thatchmore Farm Tomatoes, Spinning Spider Chevre, & My Garden Lettuce

realised that Thatchmore Farm had tomatoes, there were only two tomatoes left. I snapped them up.

I came home to work in my garden looking forward to my first tomato sandwich of the season. The bread, a whisper of Rosemary-Fig Chevre, and the tomatoes were from the Tailgate Market. I picked the lettuce from my garden just before making my sandwich.

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This Saturday (February 4) is the grand opening of a NEW, yes new WINTER TAILGATE MARKET at the Neighborhood Y in Woodfin (located indoors in the YMCA’s Multipurpose Room) from 10 to Noon.

That’s right. The market is only open for two short hours late on a Saturday morning. But isn’t that about perfect? You can sleep in, and then snuggle into your sofa sipping hot coffee and pondering the mysteries of the universe…or maybe watch a few cartoons. And then finish out this leisurely morning at the Winter Tailgate Market indoors ~ enjoying another cup of coffee and munching on some sort of wonderful pastry. Wander the other booths and fill your bag with all the tailgate goodies you have been longing for since Christmas. Goat cheese…fresh eggs…crusty bread…local meat…homemade pasta, and more. Sounds fabulous, right? Ends at noon!

Here is a stab at the vendor list:

Farm & Sparrow Bakery (great bread and baked goods), Hickory Nut Gap Farm (meats), Spinning Spider Creamery (goat cheeses), East Fork Farm (meat and eggs), Sweetheart Bakery (sweet and savory baked goods), Lady Luck Farm, Pasta Mama (fresh pasta), Asheville Coffee Roasters, and more!

A portion of the vendors’ profits will benefit a good cause ~ the Y’s Healthier Communities Campaign. The YMCA is located at 40 Merrimon Avenue.

The market will run through the end of March.


Do you live near Barnardsville in North Buncombe County? Visit Dillingham Winter Market on Saturday too…from 9-1.

They will have honey, fresh coffee and coffee beans, romaine and spicy salad mix, crafts, knitted scarves and hats, fresh eggs, beef, chicken, lamb, and more.

Farm & Sparrow Loaf

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Get your tailgate market fix! Asheville City Market South is open indoors now. It sounds like they had a fabulous turnout last week (their first week indoors). Goat cheese lovers – I saw on their Facebook page that Spinning Spider Creamery will be attending this week. It is from 2-6 every Wednesday at Biltmore Park Town Square (near REI).


Other Market News:

Wednesday, January 25Carolina Wild Seafood will be in Waynesville at HART parking lot from 8a.m. to Noon and in Asheville by the entrance to the French Broad Food Coop from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Call or text Bernie prior to that to place an order at 828-768-2376, or you can email him on his smart phone at bsmolnik@msn.com .

Saturday, January 28 – Madison County Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market will be open at the Madison County Extension Office from 10 to 2. (the office is on Carolina Lane in Marshall).


Saturday, January 28, Barnardsville – Dillingham Family Farm Winter Market on Saturdays from 10-1


Saturday, January 28, Spruce Pine Farmers’ Market, 12-4 at Mountainside Wine.


Do You know of other markets open now? Please leave a comment with info about them.

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Last week I rushed in to the market before work; I was on a mission to get goat cheese for my daughter to take to the beach (she and her friend Marika claim that Spinning Spider’s Rosemary-Fig Chevre is their very favorite, but they will eat others when pressed). I sped over to Anne Gaines Grier (Gaining Ground Farm) and got two pints of strawberries. One went to the beach, one I enjoyed tremendously. We have been eating strawberries for weeks now and that is just heaven. And no, I haven’t made anything like a pie. They haven’t lasted long enough.

And guess what? One or two blueberries in my yard are turning blueish…so blueberries will be coming in soon too. I almost forgot to mention the Currant Croissant I got from Farm and Sparrow Bakery. David made these last year, but I only saw them every now and then. Very, very, yummy and flaky. That was breakfast, and off to work I went.

The previous week, I actually was able to go to the West Asheville Market, the Wednesday Coop Market and the North Asheville Market all in one week. I hadn’t planned to go to The West Asheville Market, but it had been super hot all day long. I started daydreaming about those wonderful Popsicle. By the time I got there after work, she was out. Wah! That left me with a perfect excuse to get a bag of Roots & Branches Rosemary Crackers.

I had a big Tailgate Market list on that Saturday. My friend Nell is recuperating from a hip injury, so we got her a beautiful bouquet from Tuckers Gardens and some of Joanne Moore’s homemade shortbread. We got 2 pints of gorgeous strawberries from Vanessa (Full Sun Farm) and pound cake from Cathy Osada to go along with the strawberries. For our friend Judy’s birthday, we found some earrings that were made from glowing periwinkle-blue sea glass. The jeweler, Victoria Baker makes them with beach glass she collects in her travels.

Bouquet by Tucker's Gardens

Of course, goat cheese chevre was on the list. This is something our whole family adores. Amelia just posted a picture of baby Asher licking every last bit of chevre from a goat cheese container. How cool is that? Asher’s not even two years old yet!

Make a day of it tomorrow. The markets are hopping. The food is fresh and packed with vitality. The farmers and producers care. We live in an amazing spot with multiple great tailgate markets. Revel in our local abundance. Visit one.



Click here for the market list:


CHECK OUT Riceville Tailgate Market’s new location: Grace United Methodist Church parking lot, 954 Tunnel Road, Fridays, 4-7 pm.

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