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Tuberose from Flying Cloud Farm

Tuberose from Flying Cloud Farm

This simple flower, the tuberose, is sending me to my knees every time I walk down my hall. She is getting more fragrant by the hour; slowly intoxicating the house. I wonder if she is pumping out her breathtaking scent in hopes of finding a pollinating bee.

Anticipating my sister and niece spending Saturday night with me (along their route to Charlottesville), the North Asheville Tailgate Market was packed when I arrived to shop around 8:30. I gathered goodies at the market for the happy occasion – Pecan Sandies from Jean (we ate ALL of them in one sitting); Rosemary Fig Chevre from Spinning Spider Creamery; Roots and Branches crackers; beautiful lettuce mix from Full Sun Farm; Asiago Ciabatta from Wake Robin Farm Breads, and blueberries from a farmer I don’t know. All of it contributed to our LOCAL hors d’oeuvres, dinner, and breakfast. And the tuberose from Flying Cloud Farm got right to work putting out her sweetness. Thank you farmers!

From North Asheville Tailgate Market this Saturday

From North Asheville Tailgate Market this Saturday

P.S. My niece contributed a delicious bottle of wine from Argentina – San Gimignano Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.- very lovely!


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Beautiful weather, the buzz of customers, and lots of LOCAL food – that was today at the North Asheville Tailgate Market. I was enticed to the market by Carl and Julie’s (Mountain Harvest Organics) roasted Italian peppers. Every fall Carl and Julie fill the market with the delectable aroma of roasting  peppers. Peppers are ready hot out of the roaster…but be sure to buy some extras to freeze and use when winter is threatening never to end. The next time they will roast peppers is  on Saturday, October 11 at the North Asheville Tailgate Market. Don’t miss out.

Roasted Italian Peppers from Mountain Harvest Organics - a Real Treat!

Roasted Italian Peppers from Mountain Harvest Organics – a Real Treat!

I got a number of staples and treats this week – some to share at a party next weekend in Chapel Hill ~ salad mix from Full Sun Farm, pears from Bill Whipple, potatoes from Flying Cloud Farm, St. Paulin cheese with it’s lovely crust from Three Graces Dairy, pound cake from Cathy Osada, pistachio shortbread from Sweetheart Bakery (not picture as I already ate it!), roasted red Italian peppers from Mountain Harvest Organics, grits from East Fork Farm (They have a mill on their farm!), crackers from Roots & Branches, butternut squash and onion from Mountain Harvest Organics, wild sockeye salmon and smoked salmon form the Wild Salmon Company, and two milder Habanero peppers from Thatchmore Farm (I hope to trick my friend at work into thinking I am eating a fiery pepper without blinking).

Fall Bounty of Sincerely Local Food - each associated with a particular farmer.

Fall Bounty of Sincerely Local Food – each associated with a particular farmer when eaten.

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Saturday morning, the EMBE (Evergreen’s Multicultural Beat Ensemble) Marimba Band lured us to Asheville City Market for their last performance for this school year. These children are fantastic and entertaining musicians. Can

EMBE Marimba Band at Asheville City Market

you imagine having that much fun playing music as a middle schooler? The band is directed by Evergreen Charter School’s music teacher and Chikoma Marimba band member, Sue Ford.

This Saturday, Tailgate Market fans choose from a bounty of produce, including new potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, squash and cucumbers. I cannot wait to make my first squash casserole of the year, and eat new potatoes.

Asheville City Market

What a true luxury. These beautiful veggies have NOT been heaped up under fluorescent lights in the grocery store after traveling in a truck from California. They are fresh from the fields of our local farms. They are still cloaked in the flavor of sunshine and rain, and the care of the farmer.

Paper Crane Farm

Roots & Branches Crackers, East Fork Eggs, Firefly Farm Lettuce, Ten Mile Farm Potatoes, Paper Crane Farm Cauliflower, Flying Cloud Squash, Aardvark Broccoli?, Thatchmore & Hominy Valley Tomatoes

Next stop was the Bluff Mountain Music Festival in Hot Springs. Great traditional mountain music; amazing clogging; adorable children running around; this very sweet festival was born from the determination to save Bluff Mountain from being clear-cut eighteen years ago. Since it is a fundraiser for the Madison County Arts Council, the musicians donate their time and their music. Betty Smith – the ballad singer and dulcimer player who initiated the original protest to save Bluff Mountain – sang her heart out and gave us a little history about the songs, and Cecil Sharp.

Betty Smith, Ballad Singer

Sending a shout out to the Owen Family, who played along with their son Ben. Ben Owen is only about eight years old, but plays some mean guitar and even sang lead vocals. He recently placed fifth in Youth Guitar at the Mount Airy Fiddler’s Convention. Congratulations Ben!

After the music was over, we rode around in Hot Springs. The number of veggie gardens just off the main street was impressive…here are a few that were within about two blocks!

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Last week I rushed in to the market before work; I was on a mission to get goat cheese for my daughter to take to the beach (she and her friend Marika claim that Spinning Spider’s Rosemary-Fig Chevre is their very favorite, but they will eat others when pressed). I sped over to Anne Gaines Grier (Gaining Ground Farm) and got two pints of strawberries. One went to the beach, one I enjoyed tremendously. We have been eating strawberries for weeks now and that is just heaven. And no, I haven’t made anything like a pie. They haven’t lasted long enough.

And guess what? One or two blueberries in my yard are turning blueish…so blueberries will be coming in soon too. I almost forgot to mention the Currant Croissant I got from Farm and Sparrow Bakery. David made these last year, but I only saw them every now and then. Very, very, yummy and flaky. That was breakfast, and off to work I went.

The previous week, I actually was able to go to the West Asheville Market, the Wednesday Coop Market and the North Asheville Market all in one week. I hadn’t planned to go to The West Asheville Market, but it had been super hot all day long. I started daydreaming about those wonderful Popsicle. By the time I got there after work, she was out. Wah! That left me with a perfect excuse to get a bag of Roots & Branches Rosemary Crackers.

I had a big Tailgate Market list on that Saturday. My friend Nell is recuperating from a hip injury, so we got her a beautiful bouquet from Tuckers Gardens and some of Joanne Moore’s homemade shortbread. We got 2 pints of gorgeous strawberries from Vanessa (Full Sun Farm) and pound cake from Cathy Osada to go along with the strawberries. For our friend Judy’s birthday, we found some earrings that were made from glowing periwinkle-blue sea glass. The jeweler, Victoria Baker makes them with beach glass she collects in her travels.

Bouquet by Tucker's Gardens

Of course, goat cheese chevre was on the list. This is something our whole family adores. Amelia just posted a picture of baby Asher licking every last bit of chevre from a goat cheese container. How cool is that? Asher’s not even two years old yet!

Make a day of it tomorrow. The markets are hopping. The food is fresh and packed with vitality. The farmers and producers care. We live in an amazing spot with multiple great tailgate markets. Revel in our local abundance. Visit one.



Click here for the market list:


CHECK OUT Riceville Tailgate Market’s new location: Grace United Methodist Church parking lot, 954 Tunnel Road, Fridays, 4-7 pm.

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A Couple of Quick Announcements ~

  • Last post I forgot to mention that the Big Ivy Tailgate Market in Barnardsville (Saturday, 10-12), the Mills River Tailgate Market (Saturday, 8-12), and the Marshall Island Farmers Market (Sunday, 12-4) are all now officially open.
  • Black Mountain Tailgate Market opens this coming Saturday, May 14, from 9-12.

What a happy thing that the farmers are back! Show up with your shopping bag.

Strawberries from Flying Cloud Farm & Full Sun Farm

Just finished a bowl of local STRAWBERRIES and ice cream! According to farmers, it’s a big strawberry year, and I’ve had strawberries from four different growers in the last three days. Jake’s Farm had some beauties at the West Asheville Market on Tuesday, and Full Sun Farm and Flying Cloud Farm had strawberries at the Wednesday Coop Market. Wilma shared a big bowl of homegrown strawberries at the nursery today.

Be sure to hit a Saturday or Sunday market this week to indulge in this most wonderful spring fruit. My daughter was so delighted by Tuesdays strawberries, that I got a bunch more on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, Aimee Mostwill (Sweetheart Bakery) treated me to a rich chocolate cupcake topped with a fluffy strawberry frosting (She grew the strawberries).  So yummy! There was a lot of finger-licking going on in the vicinity of Aimee’s booth.

Here’s a sample of some of the other goodies from the Wednesday Co-op Market this week:

Beautiful Butterhead Lettuce from Gaining Ground Farm

Anne and Aaron Grier (Gaining Ground Farm) were at the market with adorable baby Addiebelle. I am not sure how Anne is managing farming with a six month old baby, but she has a full booth ~ including the most beautiful red butterhead lettuce I have ever seen.

Bad Boy French Sourdough from Wake Robin Farm Breads

Gail Lunsford and Steve Bardwell were both minding the Wake Robin Farm booth. Gail joined me in the finger-licking of strawberry frosting.

Saxifrage from Big Pine Native Gardens

Dianne Tolman, of Madison County, had this beautiful Saxifrage. Even though I work at a nursery, I had to have this beautiful plant. Such striking leaves!

Grits from Blue Hill Farm

So glad to get re-stocked on grits from Blue Hill Farm (Wayne Uffelman). The market wasn’t open last time I ran out of grits, and I had to resort to store-bought grits. Wayne’s grits is WAY better. Try these grits recipes: https://tailgatemarketfanclub.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/grits-with-goat-cheese-topped-with-roasted-mushrooms/ OR https://tailgatemarketfanclub.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/spicy-cheese-grits/.

Spinach from Blue Hill Farm

And from The West Asheville Market on Tuesday ~

Multi-Seeded Bread from Roots & Branches

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