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Beautiful weather, the buzz of customers, and lots of LOCAL food – that was today at the North Asheville Tailgate Market. I was enticed to the market by Carl and Julie’s (Mountain Harvest Organics) roasted Italian peppers. Every fall Carl and Julie fill the market with the delectable aroma of roasting  peppers. Peppers are ready hot out of the roaster…but be sure to buy some extras to freeze and use when winter is threatening never to end. The next time they will roast peppers is  on Saturday, October 11 at the North Asheville Tailgate Market. Don’t miss out.

Roasted Italian Peppers from Mountain Harvest Organics - a Real Treat!

Roasted Italian Peppers from Mountain Harvest Organics – a Real Treat!

I got a number of staples and treats this week – some to share at a party next weekend in Chapel Hill ~ salad mix from Full Sun Farm, pears from Bill Whipple, potatoes from Flying Cloud Farm, St. Paulin cheese with it’s lovely crust from Three Graces Dairy, pound cake from Cathy Osada, pistachio shortbread from Sweetheart Bakery (not picture as I already ate it!), roasted red Italian peppers from Mountain Harvest Organics, grits from East Fork Farm (They have a mill on their farm!), crackers from Roots & Branches, butternut squash and onion from Mountain Harvest Organics, wild sockeye salmon and smoked salmon form the Wild Salmon Company, and two milder Habanero peppers from Thatchmore Farm (I hope to trick my friend at work into thinking I am eating a fiery pepper without blinking).

Fall Bounty of Sincerely Local Food - each associated with a particular farmer.

Fall Bounty of Sincerely Local Food – each associated with a particular farmer when eaten.


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Gaining Ground Farm

Cowpeas. Black-eyed Peas.  I am not sure what the difference is, but I grew up eating them for Sunday in-the-middle-of-the-day dinner. Anne Gaines Grier (Gaining Ground Farm) grows them every year.  She’s the only grower I

Basket of Cowpeas & Anne

know who does, and there they were ~ at her market stand last Saturday. You can bet that I scooped some right up!

Other big news at North Asheville Tailgate Market last Saturday:  Carl Evans (Mountain Harvest Organics) was roasting peppers. This is another something I look forward to every year.  Three dollars for three roasted peppers is a deal.  Carl does all the work, and I have the fun of eating them.  Get some extras to freeze and you will be very happy in January.  Breath in that fragrance when snow is on the ground, and you can’t help but grin.  Lay the peppers side-by-side and flat in the freezer bag, so you can break off one or two at a time.  Add chopped roasted peppers to cooked greens for a sweet, smoky flavor addition.  They add a little complexity to anything you cook.

Carl Roasting Peppers Once Again

Gregg Adams (New Moon Herbs) may be roasting peppers at Asheville City Market too.  I know he was contemplating it.  I haven’t had time to check it out in person…working Saturdays makes it difficult to even quick-cruise my neighborhood market, and still make it to work on time.  OK, I admit to being a few minutes late to work last Saturday.

Check out these Fairytale Eggplant. I can’t resist that name, and just look at the enchanting (get it?) color.  Full Sun Farm has picked them at an exquisitely dainty size too.  Notice how tiny they are compared to the peppers in the next bin.

Gardeners & pesto lovers: It is supposed to get really chilly tomorrow night.  I am planning to cover up my basil.  Basil likes to get black dots on it when temperatures dip, and the dots don’t go away.  Also…It’s time to plant your fall garden.  Start thinking about cover crops if you are not planting a fall garden.

Full Sun Farm's teeny-tiny Fairytale Eggplant

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September 19, 2009

Dear Tailgate Market Fans,

Half of you are probably already at the market. I’m headed there right now too.  But I had to send a quick note to those of you still drinking coffee at home.  This is the week to get roasted peppers at the North Asheville Tailgate Market.  Carl Evans of Mountain Harvest Organics roasts them right there at the market, and they are delicious.

Carl Roasting Peppers

You really should get extra to freeze for this winter as an antidote to bitter weather.  Freeze them flattened out in a zip-loc bag.  The smoky, melt-in-your-mouth flavor of just one pepper will transform whatever you are cooking.  Last week, Carl was doing both sweet and some peppers with a little fire (that’s spicy, not what he was using to cook them).

Be thinking about stocking up at your favorite market.  I am sorry to remind summer-lovers of this, but frost is looming.  The farmers are ready for a little respite from all the work, but we tailgate fans may want to cry once frost happens.  Supplies of summer produce will become limited.  If you are planning to do any canning or freezing, buy now.  Ask your favorite farmer about getting a bushel of potatoes or winter squash to store, or peppers and tomatoes for salsa, etc.

Encouraging news from the White House…First Lady Michelle Obama was “undeterred by a steady drizzle and cheered on by hundreds of onlookers” when she shopped at a farmers market near the White House this Thursday.  Michelle Obama said that raising her two daughters has inspired her to focus more on eating fresh, healthy foods.  “For those of us who are battling a time crunch [that would be almost all of us, right?] and those for us whom access to fresh food is an issue in our neighborhoods, farmers’ markets are a really important, valuable resource we have to support.”  Yes We Can!

Plant lettuce if you can today, you won’t be sorry.

Hasta Luego,

Ruth Gonzalez

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