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'Purple Haze' Carrots, Mudluscious Pottery & Gardens

‘Purple Haze’ Carrots, Mudluscious Pottery & Gardens

Vitality filled my nostrils as I scrubbed the carrots. Just brushing their skins brought home the power of local. This soil. This good Earth. The personal association with the farmers – Cindy Trisler and Rodney Bowling. I suspect this carrot is called ‘Purple Haze’, and being a Jimi Hendrix fan I gotta love that name.

I added these beauties to a creamy potato and kale soup. Chilled to the bone after working most of the day in the rain (even though it is relatively warm), a cozy soup with buttered bread sounded just right as a quick and satisfying supper.

Now I must find the inspiration to stir up some primer paint and roll it on the walls…but that is another story.

Soup, creamy potato and kale soup


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Yesterday at work we unloaded over 450 pots of roses from a tractor-trailer first thing in the morning.  I spent the rest of the day moving 3-gallon pots of roses to their designated spots around the nursery (think of gripping a

Overwintered Romaine

bucket of dirt plus thorny vegetation with each hand). By the time I got home I was hot and tired.  After drinking a nice big cup of something icy, I headed down to my garden revved up on peanut butter cookies.

I had a flat of veggie starts, some seeds, and the determination to get some stuff in the ground before dark.  Sorry, I didn’t use any strings to ensure that my rows were straight, just my hoe.  My plan was vague, but I did factor in rotation of the potatoes and tomatoes from last years location.

I started off planting leeks and arugula with the hope that they might deter the hungry groundhog that shows up every year…the first day he tentatively nibbled the plants, the second day he ate all the brassicas and lettuce down to the ground.  He avoided the arugula completely.  I wasn’t 100% sure it was a groundhog, until I saw him merrily skipping around the neighbor’s garden with no fear and complete abandon.

Back to planting. Each cell in the 4-pack had numerous leeks, so I gently


pulled them apart to plant individually.  They looked like green hairs laying on the ground.  I did the same with the arugula, getting way more baby plants than two people could possibly eat.  Then, on to sugar-snap peas, broccoli, red cabbage, collards, lettuce, spinach, & mesclun mix.  I humped up the ground with my hoe to make a raised bed for Purple Haze carrots; they’re purple on the outside and orange in the inside.  Psychedelic. Can’t wait to pull one up and taste it.

In near dark I watered everything before calling it quits, which meant hauling the water in my grandmother’s patched-with-duct-tape watering can, and numerous trips back uphill to the faucet.  Rain barrel time!

After another day (today) of hauling roses around the nursery, an icy after-work drink, and the last peanut butter cookie ~ I headed down to the garden with my full watering can.  Even though I watered this morning before work, following such a hot & sunny day; the leeks were flat on the ground, and some of the arugula looked crispy.  I gave everything a drink or two (read 7 trips back and forth from the faucet with my watering can).  I hope the groundhog won’t show up!

Moral of the story: It may not be perfect, but just do it!

Grandmama's Watering Can

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