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Super-fresh Green Chard from Full Sun Farm

Super-fresh Green Chard from Full Sun Farm


By the time I got to the Tailgate Market last Saturday, Vanessa was out of spinach. She suggested green chard as a substitute, and even gave me a bunch of Full Sun Farm green chard to try out. This chard embodies vitality. You can SEE it – even in the photo.

We sautéed Gaining Ground Farm onions and once they were clear, added this super-fresh green chard. Once the chard cooked down a bit, we added the East Fork Farm eggs and scrambled until the eggs were just tender. What a great way to start a Sunday morning!

Scrambled Eggs with Full Sun Farm Green Chard

East Fork Farm Scrambled EGGS with Full Sun Farm GREEN CHARD


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Adding the Spinning Spider Chevre to the Eggs


from Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Scrambled Eggs with Chives & Goat Cheese

Eggs from Susan, Chevre from Spinning Spider Creamery, Chives from my garden

Spicy Cheese Grits

Grits from Blue Hill Farm

Bad Boy Toast

from Wake Robin Farm Breads

For Grits Recipe: https://tailgatemarketfanclub.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/spicy-cheese-grits/

Eating Well on Sunday Morning ~ Its All Local!

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