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Missy Huger of Jake's Farm

What a great Wednesday Co-op Market yesterday. Chef Michael Gentry had some wonderful samples to taste…I overheard the description as I rushed by to make it around the market before vendors started packing up. One of the ingredients he was cooking up was okra (which I love).

This post is scattered with pictures from the Wednesday Co-op market, but here’s the thing.  It’s almost September 3rd. That means we could be four or five weeks from frost. Frost means no more summer veggies at the market. So if you love the markets, get it while you can. Get it at the Wednesday Markets, the Saturday markets, the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday Markets ~ because fall is coming. Go multiple times per week. Revel in the season. The leaves are already coloring up, and there are predictions of highs in the 60’s one day next week (break out the coats!).

Sweet Corn at the Jake's Farm Stand

And something else…planting a fall garden? Rain is supposed to happen next week, so this weekend makes for an excellent time to plant those delicious lettuces and greens. Be brave. Tackle your summer garden (mine is fried). Make way for the new, and pray that the harlequin bugs won’t decimate the next crop of greens. Or just plant a few lettuces in a pot on your porch; that’s manageable, isn’t it?

I still haven’t heard anything official from Carl & Julie, but they may be roasting

I am enjoying some of these incredible lilies at home.

peppers at the North Asheville Tailgate Market tomorrow. So delicious. I am repeating myself, but here’s what I do: whatever I don’t eat right away ~ and I purposely buy extra ~ I freeze in ziplocs. I lay them in the bag only one layer deep. When I want to cook with the frozen roasted peppers, I just open the bag and crack one off. I rinse/rub the skin off, the pepper defrosts quickly, and I then remove the seeds. These peppers add a wonderful smokey flavor to anything and that is especially wonderful in winter. So lets just say I have NEVER regretted adding them to anything.

Make the most of the rest of the season. Eat well and enjoy your Labor Day holiday.

Oh yeah. And stock up for Labor Day.

Eating one of these crisp limbertwigs right now as rain is falling on the thirsty Earth.

Sample Loafchild's Breads and Jellies

The Honey Man

What could be more beautiful?

Beyond good! The first ingredient in Zuma Gold Cookies is chocolate chips.

Patryk Battle bakes this foccacia right at the market in his portable brick oven.

More Summer's Bounty


Oak Moon Goat Cheese


Rosemary & Olive Oil is my favorite Roots & Branches Cracker. Perfect combo with goat cheese!


Trying them for the first time for breakfast.


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A Couple of Quick Announcements ~

  • Last post I forgot to mention that the Big Ivy Tailgate Market in Barnardsville (Saturday, 10-12), the Mills River Tailgate Market (Saturday, 8-12), and the Marshall Island Farmers Market (Sunday, 12-4) are all now officially open.
  • Black Mountain Tailgate Market opens this coming Saturday, May 14, from 9-12.

What a happy thing that the farmers are back! Show up with your shopping bag.

Strawberries from Flying Cloud Farm & Full Sun Farm

Just finished a bowl of local STRAWBERRIES and ice cream! According to farmers, it’s a big strawberry year, and I’ve had strawberries from four different growers in the last three days. Jake’s Farm had some beauties at the West Asheville Market on Tuesday, and Full Sun Farm and Flying Cloud Farm had strawberries at the Wednesday Coop Market. Wilma shared a big bowl of homegrown strawberries at the nursery today.

Be sure to hit a Saturday or Sunday market this week to indulge in this most wonderful spring fruit. My daughter was so delighted by Tuesdays strawberries, that I got a bunch more on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, Aimee Mostwill (Sweetheart Bakery) treated me to a rich chocolate cupcake topped with a fluffy strawberry frosting (She grew the strawberries).  So yummy! There was a lot of finger-licking going on in the vicinity of Aimee’s booth.

Here’s a sample of some of the other goodies from the Wednesday Co-op Market this week:

Beautiful Butterhead Lettuce from Gaining Ground Farm

Anne and Aaron Grier (Gaining Ground Farm) were at the market with adorable baby Addiebelle. I am not sure how Anne is managing farming with a six month old baby, but she has a full booth ~ including the most beautiful red butterhead lettuce I have ever seen.

Bad Boy French Sourdough from Wake Robin Farm Breads

Gail Lunsford and Steve Bardwell were both minding the Wake Robin Farm booth. Gail joined me in the finger-licking of strawberry frosting.

Saxifrage from Big Pine Native Gardens

Dianne Tolman, of Madison County, had this beautiful Saxifrage. Even though I work at a nursery, I had to have this beautiful plant. Such striking leaves!

Grits from Blue Hill Farm

So glad to get re-stocked on grits from Blue Hill Farm (Wayne Uffelman). The market wasn’t open last time I ran out of grits, and I had to resort to store-bought grits. Wayne’s grits is WAY better. Try these grits recipes: https://tailgatemarketfanclub.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/grits-with-goat-cheese-topped-with-roasted-mushrooms/ OR https://tailgatemarketfanclub.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/spicy-cheese-grits/.

Spinach from Blue Hill Farm

And from The West Asheville Market on Tuesday ~

Multi-Seeded Bread from Roots & Branches

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